Virtual CIO

Virtual CIO

Managed IT Services

Our approach is to provide your business with one trusted advisor, your vCIO, to prescribe the right balance of technology products and services as well as advice for business process improvement to more effectively lead business objectives, manage cost and risk, recommend business development strategies in light of emergent technologies and consumer trends and become a trusted partner and asset to measurable business growth.

Yes. We will support your IT infrastructure and provide your business with IT operational support to include a fully customizable Service Desk as per standard Managed IT Service offerings.
The 3HUE Managed vCIO difference is our approach to provisioning of your services. Using a vendor agnostic approach, we work with technology partners from all domains of IT and Information Security working cohesively with your senior leadership and key stakeholders on IT and Information Security program initiatives while managing cost and risk.
In the role of your Account Manager will be a 3HUE vCIO which will possess the Senior Enterprise IT leadership talent required to lead the effort in the effective design, management, availability and governance of your IT infrastructure and operations, aligned with your business objectives, employee culture and compliance requirements to name a few.
Our goal is to serve as your single trusted IT partner with a focus on providing solutions for IT support and management of your technical infrastructure and aligning IT and business objectives.
The strategic leadership and central management of IT with one partner. A few advantages to our approach are as follows:

  • An experienced Senior IT Leader managing your technology needs
  • Using a vendor agnostic approach in prescription of your IT services allows you to be flexible with regards to service provision. IT Service providers usually create vendor lock due to the challenge it creates to transfer the massive amounts of Intellectual property and changing of front-end systems affecting the user experience. 3HUE will own and manage all front end systems which allows you to make changes in the provisioning of IT services for improved ROI, performance or scale. We provide Service Level Management to assure your company receives the highest level of service at all times.
  • Using the Virtual IT Team concept, our approach offers more streamlined and effective communication between all technology providers with a common platform for collaboration and communication during delivery of your IT projects

Our processes leverage industry leading best practices around process execution, budgeting, operational efficiencies, and improving IT implementation and decision-making. As a trusted partner, we will align with your business objectives and lead your virtual and internal IT teams for effective and efficient leadership of comprehensive IT, freeing your internal IT coordinator to focus on their intended job role instead of leading IT Teams and initiatives.

  • Business Issue Management
  • Enterprise Architecture and Design
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance Management
  • Information Security Management
  • IT Budget Planning and Management
  • IT Project Management
  • Key Business Stakeholder Interviews (Bi-Annual)
  • Onboarding Strategic IT Assessment and Review
  • Quarterly Business Reviews
  • Virtual IT Team Management
  • And More...
We use a consultative approach to evaluate your business and technology needs and then advise on the best solutions for your current and future needs. Before we begin any relationship we can assess your needs with our virtual CIO Suitability and Value Creation questionnaire at no cost to you.  The assessments is then analyzed to find opportunities of how our vCIO Managed IT services will be of value. 

We expand on this online questionnaire by scheduling an on-site assessment of your IT infrastructure and operations, which gives us all the data we need to provide a proposal with the custom solutions required and recommended for your business. 

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