Operational Efficiency Assessment and Evaluation

IT Operational Efficiency Assessment

Strategic Technology Advisor

Companies of all sizes face operational breakdowns and inefficiencies due to a myriad of reasons. Sometimes the breakdown is technology, sometime these breakdown is in the business process or the resource executing the process. Our aim is to identify operational gaps, whether technology of business process and identify remediation options for effective improvement across multiple silos.

  • Identification of and Remediation options for Operational mis-alignments with expected business outcomes: Prior to making any suggestion for improvement, we will have to analyze your companies current state in regards to IT operations, reviewing several key areas.  We will begin by reviewing your current IT Operations processes, policies and procedures, to include interviews with key stakeholders, IT Management and IT associates for a comprehensive understanding of your current state.  We will also align with your senior leadership to understand the expected business outcomes and current perceptions of mis-alignment.  We then analyze all this data comparing against ITIL best practices, 3HUE IT Operations methodologies, assuring to take into consideration required compliance objectives and necessary business goals.
  • Service Desk Operations and Support
  • Incident Management
  • Event Management
  • IT Problem Management
  • IT Supplier Management
  • IT Operational Improvement Report
  • IT Operations Review Checklists and Scoring
  • Data and Infrastructure Architecture Models (Diagrams)
  • 10-Hours post-project Advisor Services
Through various business process assessments and governance, communication and training plans a carefully crafted strategy road map will be created for your business to effectively use the platform for true business enablement. We assess our clients using industry standard frameworks like ITIL, CoBIT, PCI-DSS,etc. to understand their existing processes, evolve the future processes and establish policies and procedures to meet the identified business objectives. These assessments are then analyzed for aid in development of an actionable Information Technology strategy for your organization.
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