IT Infrastructure and Operations Assessment

IT Infrastructure & Operations Assessment

Strategic Technology Advisor

For organizations who are dissatisfied with the reliability, availability or spend on their IT Infrastructure, our Gap Assessments have specific infrastructure KPIs measured against industry standards and best practices. We understand that simplicity most times leads to greater understanding and as such craft our reports with simple to digest content with appropriate infographics and graphs. 3Hue Executives possess the requisite experience necessary to identify infrastructure gaps which don't align with best practices frameworks and those which may cause operation degradation.

  • Identification of Degraded and Failing Configuration Items (CIs): A lot of service problems are often times due to failing or improperly configured configuration items, in-appropriate mix of technology or poor management processes. While possible to achieve all, it takes careful planning, background knowledge and experience to architect these disparate technologies creating solutions for efficiencies.
  • Opportunities for Optimized IT Spend: While the cloud does have its advantages in relations to Total Cost of Ownership, the transition from CAPEX to OPEX can be a significant shock when the systems architectures are not planned appropriately resulting in a balancing act that can be avoided. Let a 3HUE executive review you plan for migration or create one for you; the right way.
  • User Engagement extremely low: Companies spend money on SaaS suites to allow their employees to be productive. However, what often times occurs when these new technologies are deployed, is that users are so stuck in doing what has worked all along that they avoid using all this technology that was put in place for efficiencies. User Engagement and Adoption planning is often overlooked when deploying these systems resulting in a low to no ROI. Let 3HUE get your users engaged and productive.
  • Infrastructure Architecture and Design
  • IT Project Management Office
  • Vendor and Third Party Management
  • Software License Compliance Management
  • IT Infrastructure Audit Report
  • IT Operations Audit Report
  • Data and Infrastructure Architecture Models (Diagrams)
  • 10-Hours post-project Advisor Services
Our Strategic Advisor Services are similar to your standard IT Project consultation.  The real difference is the team behind the consultation are past senior IT and business leaders with the knowledge, background and experience to produce true value creation.  We will sit with your senior leadership team to discuss your specific pain points and expectations.  We will use this dialog to interpret the specific needs and determine if further assessments are required to assure we will provide the most value at the right spend.  In most instances we will require an assessment of people, processes and technology to purpose fit the solution and identify gaps that otherwise would have been missed through dialog.

We assess our clients using our own proprietary Business Process and Technical Assessments based on industry standard frameworks like ITIL, CoBIT, ISO 27001, PCI-DSS,etc. to understand your existing technical and business processes, identify methods to evolve the future processes for more value creation, cost optimization and risk mitigation,  and establish policies, procedures and metrics to govern and report on performance of the processes over time.  All assessments are analyzed by senior IT leaders and a team of analysts and partners, for prescriptive development of an actionable Information Technology strategy Roadmap for your organization.

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