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3HUE works with SMB organizations across all verticals with a focus on making IT more strategic in meeting company objectives.

Our approach is to partner your organization with an experienced and proven Senior IT Leader from the onset of the relationship.  Our specialization and focus on effective and proven leadership of traditional IT, information security and digital transformation initiatives across all domains of IT, is unlike most outsourced Technology Service Provider relationships.  We have the Knowledge, Background and experience to enable a better approach to IT and Digital Business Leadership providing more value with a wider range of skills and business competency.

Explore our service portfolio and see how it is that 3HUE can align with your business to position it for future success.
Service Portfolio


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    Forge a trusted partnership with your senior leadership team
    Before we start quoting services in an Al-A-carte type fashion we take the time to align with your senior leadership and understand what is important to them and determine how we can align and present those findings.  This is an important step to the success of our partnership and will help determine if a 3HUE Executive is a fit for your Organization
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    Create a value based IT Business Development Roadmap
    A review of vendors, licensing, telecommunications, governance needs, risks, Information Security and compliance needs and more to find opportunities for cost saving strategies, risk mitigation and improved position in vertical markets.  We begin this process with executive dialog and a group of Business Process and Technical assessments to collect the pertinent info to collaboratively create a Roadmap for implementation.
  • 3 Become your organizations Subject Matter Expert in all domains of Traditional IT and Digital Business Technology
    From day one, you will have the satisfaction in knowing that an experienced and vetted senior IT and Business Executive who has the requisite knowledge, background and experience is available and ready when any necessary actionable insights or general consultation is required.  We make your business goals come alive with our Innovative approach coupled with an expansive network and knowledge base.


For companies seeking expert level leadership and guidance to improve the delivery of Traditional IT while shaping a Digital Strategy, a 3HUE Executive Consultant (i.e vCIO) will provide the actionable insights for timely execution at the speed of the market.  3HUE Executive Consultants individually has over 10 Years of Senior IT and Business Leadership experience and is a thought leader in methods to effectively manage and lead traditional IT while providing sound strategy to incrementally re-define and create new business and technical models aligned with a new Digital Consumer Marketplace.  Our Expert management consultants and partner network are attuned with the needs and wants of your consumers and promises to keep your company, product or service relative and competitive in coming years to avoid a Digital Disruption.

What Others Have to Say

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I have been working with Andrew Ramirez from the 3HUE team for a couple months now, and the service provided is top notch.  Mr. Ramirez is an energetic, passionate thought leader and a true professional.  His staff, partners and their business processes are mature and thought through and their approach to sales is no-pressure.  The quality of the provided 3HUE Initial Report on Findings (Our first report after many discussions and interviews) and subsequent performance reports provided are world-class, provide a wealth of information and simple to understand for the non-technical audience.  3HUE is a young company, but you wouldn’t know it by the output they… Read more “Prodigy Technology Solutions”