Align your objectives
We understand how frustrating it can be not knowing who to talk to get an IT project started. We will work with your team to define and clarify your business and project objectives in a free consultation to assure we will be your best resource.


Know your position
For the SMB client seeking a more strategic Outsourced IT partner relationship. We will evaluate your Infrastructure, Operations, IT budgets, Project Portfolio, Governance, risk and compliance needs, Information Security posture and more to develop an actionable roadmap for execution.


Hassle-free Startup
We possess a comprehensive understanding of traditional IT and digital business initiatives and will work with your team to define business objectives and align with our services.

Managed IT Service

Our approach is to provide your business with one trusted partner, your vCIO, to prescribe the right balance of technology products and services.

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IT Architecture

We understand that some projects can often times seem unmanageable and complex. We will lead the design and implementation projects for your IT infrastructure and Operational environments.

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Cloud and Telecom

We have the experience to modernize your IT Infrastructure. Cloud and SaaS strategy for cloud migration efforts or new cloud enablement.

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Digital Transformation

The normal rules of doing business is fading fast and companies need to start adapting in order to remain competitive and avoid a Digital disruption.

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Information Security

There are many cyber threats to your organization that can result in breaches of data, interruption of services, abrupt loss of assets and access to data and more.

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Business Continuity

Significant and unforeseen threats exist which poses potential catastrophic risks to a business ability to continue normal operations

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Why outsource IT with a Virtual CIO

A Top-Down Approach to Outsourced IT

One aspect of outsourced IT initiatives that should be carefully deliberated is the account management and leadership of your IT operations and strategy.  It's quite commonplace for small and midsize organizations to outsource some aspects or all of their IT service portfolios with Technology Service Providers, however the technical and account management team don't possess the senior enterprise IT leadership talent and experience required to align with your business objectives, employee culture and compliance requirements to effectively recommend business development strategies in light of emergent technologies and consumer trends. With our vCIO Managed IT Service, our goal is to become a trusted partner and asset to measurable business growth by implementing a top-down approach to the outsourced IT model. Your vCIO will serve as your one trusted partner handling account management and technical leadership roles. With our virtual IT Team concept we will be procuring and managing all other service provider relationships enabling a more integrated approach to effectively align your internal IT teams and the vast network of partners in the outsourced IT model. This single vendor approach allows for more agility in service provisioning, improved leadership of projects, better management of cost and risk, and better alignment with the business.

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Take the Virtual CIO Suitability and Value Creation questionnaire so we can highlight how we can of value to your business.  At the conclusion of the questionnaire you will receive a report of your IT management gaps and will have the opportunity to book an appointment to review your report on findings with a Virtual CIO.  It is no cost to you to let us prove our value.  Take the assessment to begin the process of a better approach to outsourced IT.

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we understand what it takes it be competitive and deliver on time.

Instead of listing all relevant services, we rather list the services that we do we really well.  While the list below is certainly not exhaustive, it should give you an idea of our strong suit.