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With an extensive understanding of digital business and consumer technology bolstering over 30 years of Traditional IT and business leadership experience:

Virtual Chief Digital Officer (vCDO)

allows you to focus on your core business while bringing an approach to executable digital strategy that combines deep industry knowledge, rigorous analysis, and keen insight to enable confident action.


Put your plans in motion
Move away from the costly traditional approach to leadership of IT and Information Security (Internal CIO or designee) which often times don't generate enough value to the business:

Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO)

will evaluate your IT budgets, IT projects, IT staffing gaps and misalignments, Governance, risk and compliance needs, Information Security posture and more to develop an actionable roadmap for execution.

Technology Direction

We Know all domains of IT
With an extensive leadership and execution background in IT Strategy and Planning including proven Disaster Recovery and BCM strategies, we can help.

Strategic Technology Advisor

will work cohesively with senior leadership on IT or Information Security program initiatives while managing cost and risk. We have extensive experience with most popular technology across all domains of IT.

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A New Approach to IT Leadership at an affordable spend

Often, Midsize companies align themselves with Service Providers for outsourced IT management and leadership which can be a critical misstep as it is simply not their business model.  Service providers are vital for the acquisition and support of emerging technology hardware and software solutions for your IT Infrastructure, and offer outstanding implementation support, but may not be the best choice to lead the effort in the design and management of your IT infrastructure and programs. We will provide the required strategic input to effectively align IT with the business objectives, recommend business development strategies in light of emergent technologies and consumer trends and become an asset to measurable business growth.

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Get your business on the right track.  No more waiting for that magic moment when it all connects, the closest thing to that magic moment begins here.

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we understand what it takes it be competitive and deliver on time.

Instead of listing all relevant services, we rather list the services that we do we really well.  While the list below is certainly not exhaustive, it should give you an idea of our strong suit.